Sunday, 16 March 2008

Round Britain Rally

Round Britain Rally Fever has hit our household!
Ian had the list of this years landmarks come through the other day, so we have been busy putting them into order so that he can plan rides out from any rallies that the three of us may do, or just a days ride out if Guzzisue is busy with one of her projects.
There is going to be an official start on Good Friday at 11:00 at landmark No 1 on the list. I will not be able to show any pictures of this years event until after the rally finishes in October for fear of getting Ian disqualified. From time to time I may mention how we are doing with a bigger report to follow later in the year.
With a total of 100 landmarks throughout mainland Britain there is plenty for us to tackle. This is our fourth year of entry and every year Ian has surpassed his previous years total so here's hoping the trend continues.
I can feel my song coming on already...

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GaryMc said...

Hi from a fellow RBR member - I'm a first timer and enjoying everty minute, but maybe a bit too much research needed on some and too much walking to others - I wanna ride, not study and hike!
Even so, the RBR's giving me places to visit I didn't know existed, eg. Arnamurchan Point, the most Westerly point on the UK mainland. Some ride! - make sure you've got plenty of petrol as there ain't many fuel stops on that strip of land! And watch out for the hidden cameras in N.Wales too, they're ruthless!
Enjoy the Summer, speak more at awards time and best of luck.
Gary Mc