Thursday, 20 March 2008

2000 Déjà-vu - Predazzo Strikes Again

As we headed towards the Timmelsjoch Pass once again we tried to avoid the long tunnel from the previous visit – and failed but this time it was not too bad. Having got back onto the correct road we paid our toll, went a few hundred yards and the weather turned… snow! There was only a light dusting but it was enough to make Ian a little cautious going up the path. Once over the summit we had a fantastic ride down the other side taking in the scenery.

We passed through places as we did on our previous trip and joined the A22 by Bolzano for a short while. After stopping to fill up with petrol we were confronted by a group of Brits on tour and they invited us over for a cup of tea, very British!

Once again we reached Predazzo and disaster strikes. As we turned a corner there was a loud noise coming from the back of the bike. Ian stopped and saw that one bolt holding the rear mudguard to the frame had gone and the other was just hanging in place!

Let the fun begin. Sue went to the local Fiat garage but the receptionist would not let her see the mechanic, she was however directed to a non existant garage. Ian then tried his luck and got to see the mechanic and got a bolt however it was an allen type and we did not have the correct size key!

As time was getting on we decided to book into a hotel across the road for the night. After getting sorted there we went around the town and found the local auto supply, who weren’t much help either. Ian realised that the main problem was that there was a specialist head on the bolt and that was why nowhere could help us, so we then went to the Ford garage and got two bolts with the correct thread and normal hexagonal head. Success.

After a celebrational pizza it was time for an early night. One day we will learn the Italian for ‘I need a bolt to keep my mudguard in place’.

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