Tuesday, 25 March 2008

2000 Déjà-vu - Lost Travellers?

On our last day in Jésolo we wandered round the local market where Ian got approached by an African trying to sell cheap watches. He grunted something to Ian who basically just stared at him. Seeing as there was no sale immenant the African wandered off disgruntled. Guzzisue then dragged us round the shops and we bought postcards and presents for the family. The days big discussion was on where to go next.

It has been decided that we should head towards San Martino where we stayed overnight on our last trip, well that was the plan until Ian got confused between the SS48 and the SS48A and we were going towards Austria. About turn it was and then we came across a wonderful pass with 34 hairpin bends to get to the top. There was nearly a meeting between two coaches on one bend and one car driver suggested to Ian that he ought to reverse the Guzzi down the last one, I think he understood my friend’s French! Reversing downhill and round a hairpin bend with an adverse camber indeed!

Today we met a serviceman stationed somewhere nearby who could not understand how we could be riding around aimlessly without worrying where we would eventually end up. It was already agreed that we would not reach San Martino. We entered Canazei mid afternoon and it seemed as good a place as any to stay for a couple of nights. Not a bad days ride as we did 260 miles to do 100.

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