Saturday, 22 March 2008

2000 Déjà-vu - Glass And Lace

The holiday officially starts today! We were up early and managed to get on the bus in good time to make the 9:30 ferry over to Venice. Having previously spent time in the main part of Venice we hurried across to the far end and bought 24 hour water bus tickets to take us out to the islands.

Our first port of call was Muranno. This island’s main industry is glass making and there are several small glass makers that cater for the tourist predominately making small glass animals and other assorted standard souvenirs. Right at the end of the Muranno, on the edge of the canal there is a large windowed warehouse that has 10 showrooms of quality glass sculptures. We were given the grand tour by a salesperson who tried his best to sell us a piece of work, one piece did take our fancy but with a selling price of £2,000 we decided it was well beyond our means. A sculpture on a large glass topped table on a rotating stand with bright lights shinning on it can look very inviting.

From Muranno we travelled across Venice Lagoon to Buranno, the home of Buranno Lace. On the island there is a museum dedicated to the lace style that was only open at certain times and a shop that had a display at the back with many old pieces dating back to Napoleonic times. We stopped for lunch on Buranno, not that we had much choice as we had quite a wait until the next water bus and it was also siesta time. Guzzisue went in search of some lace bobbins and finally tracked some down on our return to Venice.

As we returned to our hotel the wind picked up and a storm broke and the day finished with over an hour of thunder and rain.

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