Tuesday, 18 March 2008

2000 Déjà-vu - The Beginning

1999 saw Ian, Guzzisue and myself doing our own things. My friends went travelling around Scotland while I stayed at home. It was business as usual in 2000 when we embarked on our next journey overseas.

The eve of any holiday Guzzisue always has problems sleeping, personally speaking I think she’s just a big kid, so we were up and on the road for 6:30 and arriving at Dover for 11:30 and managing to get on an earlier ferry. There were several bikes already waiting to board when we arrived that were heading for Assen and the race meeting.

We had an excellent quiet drive on the payage getting our nostrils full of different smells, once a strong smell of onion and another of sugar beet that Ian claimed smelt like marmite.

Just before Reims we were slowed down a little as there had been an minor accident between two British cars, one with a caravan. This was on a long tight right hand bend where the road filtered on to another. No one was injured but I think it may have put an end to their holidays.

Once again we stopped at the Prunella Hotel in Verdun for the evening and departed at 9:00 the following morning. Near Saarbrucken we passed an American circus that was camped up in a field and this was one of two memorable things that happened today, the other being overtaken by a Lotus on the autobahn, we were doing 85-90mph and this roared past us at about 150mph! We managed to dodge the rain showers all day until Kempton, which is just north of Fussen, so we stopped there again.

Guzzisue bought this chocolate bar in Fussen and it is one of those occasions when a word can mean something different in another language.

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Sarahs Home said...

Hi Ted,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. We certainly missed having the other bike. It was an old Fazer but it was ours, they apparently left it in quite a state when they dumped it. I have been to Reims and Verdun, what a lovely place to visit. I think that we may have to settle on a tour of Scotland this year instead of going abroard.

Happy Riding,
Sarah x