Wednesday, 26 March 2008

2000 Déjà-vu - To The Top

The Guzzi was left in the hotel garage for a couple of days as we went riding the cable cars and hiking up the mountains. There was some fantastic views around but the signposts on the trail left a bit to be desired as we walked further than necessary.

In a souvenir shop Ian found a small sticker for the Sass Pordoi, the pass that we ventured up yesterday with the 34 hairpins.

We went on the cable car to get to La Terrazza Delle Dolomiti (The Panarama Terrace Of The Dolomites). Looking across the way it looked like there were hoards of ants heading to the summit of another mountain, but it was just a continuous line of climbers. The restaurant on the plateau had on the menu meat in a tomato sauce with pasta, which Ian decided to try having got a little tired of spaghetti bolognaise. The meal was prepared and out came a plate of spaghetti bolognaise! If only they had said that in the first place.

The whole area is a Mecca for bikes and with great roads it is easy to see why.

Next day we walked down to the next village and rode in another cable car and watched a group of hang gliders preparing their equipment and having to wait for the therms. To avoid being stuck on the mountain top until mid afternoon as the cable car stopped running at lunch time we descended at midday.

Back on ground level we got talking to fellow Guzzi riders, one from Austria and one from Slovakia.

That evening our pizzas were prepared by a Ducati rider who had parked his motorcycle outside the restaurant. It was well admired and we wanted to ride it away.

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Sarahs Home said...

It all sounds so wonderful and those pictures are breath taking. Our children are very young so we are limited to short trips on the bike at the moment. We think that we will go away for afew days to Scotland this year. I doubt we will get abroard as we had planned.

Sarah x