Saturday, 22 March 2008

2000 Déjà-vu - Italians Strike

We left Predazzo next morning and headed for Jésolo passing the place where we lost the rear lens previously. It was cold when we first set off but soon warmed up as we left the mountains behind and we also managed to take the wrong turning as well. Is it possible to take a wrong turning on a touring holiday when you have nowhere booked?

The tourist information centre in Jésolo said that they could not book a hotel for us so off we went and at the third attempt managed to get into one with parking for the Guzzi. Ian had a panic when the tv did not work but soon recovered when the picture came on after 15:00, might have been just down to the heat or atmospherics.

It was siesta time as we went for a walk up town and stopped for an ice cream laced with Arametto, the almond liqueur. MMMMMMmmmmmmm, indeed. The ice cream parlour were playing The Cure’s live album and it just set the scene perfectly.

Three hours later we arrive back at the hotel for a cooling shower and rest before going out for dinner at 21:00 as the place was waking up for the evening.

Tomorrow the holiday really starts and we head back to Venice for the day.


The bus operatives decided to call a lightning strike so there were no busses until midday! Because of this we just had a walk to Cortellazzo and then had to catch a bus back in the afternoon.

Tomorrow, strikes permitting we will manage to get to Venice.

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