Saturday, 16 February 2008

Round Britain Rally

Ian and myself are starting to get a bit restless as we are waiting for the start of the Round Britain Rally which commences on Easter Sunday. Last year there was an official start, meeting at Littleport in Cambridgeshire by the William Harley Memorial. A group photo was taken by a local woman and it appears on the Round Britain Rally website. Ian is on the front row in blue.
The idea of the rally is that there is at least one site to visit in each county of Britain by motorcycle or three wheeler and take at least one picture with transport at the site or if that is not possible a nearby road sign as an example. The Round Britain control card must appear in all submitted photos. A site might be an ancient monument, bridge, sculpture or a plaque for example. An entrant may do as many or few as they desire with points being awarded as decided by the organisors. There is plenty of time for the rally as it starts on Easter Sunday and carries on until the end of October.
I will not be able to put on any photos of this years event until after the event has closed but until then here are a few past sites visited.

Baconsthorpe Manor House

Barry Sheene Memorial, Oliver's Mount Scarborough

Wheel Of Drams

Waggoner's Memorial

Footplate Sculpture

William Harley Memorial

Wooden Horse

The Erwood Gun

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