Monday, 4 February 2008

1997 Land Of The Midnight Sun - Bergen

After our breakfast it was time to explore a little and the first thing we did was to take a cable car ride up a mountain with panoramic views of Bergen. At the top we spent some time looking around and being looked at by the local sheep population.

As we were back in a large city for the first time for over a week a visit to the local shopping mall was required . On the top tier there was a bridge that went over the centre that had a transparent floor and several people would not walk across it.

Along the quay side there was a large fish market with live lobsters and eels. All the produce was looking so good that I had to be physically dragged away!

Just away from the waterfront Guzziesue found a shop selling Hardanger style lace. This is actually a type of needlework that is stitched in soft cotton on evenly woven linen in blocks of satin stitch between which threads are removed to give a lace like appearence.Guzziesue had been making bobbin lace for some time so she was quite interested in this, Ian was working in a lace factory during this period so it was more like a busman’s holiday for him.

In the evening we went to an Italian restaurant to dine. The waitress was so friendly that the owner thought that we knew her. She had only been in the job for a few days but was already tired of it. We were getting along so well that we were invited to a party later that evening but we had to decline the offer as we had to return to the hotel to pack and be up early next morning to board the ferry for our return home.

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