Sunday, 24 February 2008

1998 Guzzi Goes Home - R & R (Repair & Rain)

Travelling south next day we left the mountains behind us and went round the suburbs of Treviso before following the signs for Venice. Ian saw a road sign for a tourist information centre so he pulled in and we asked about a campsite near Venice itself. The lady in the centre advised us to head for Lido di Jésolo as there are some sites in that region.

Unfortunately the information centre was on a duel carriageway so we had to go all the way to the bus station in Venice before we could get any further. Ian then proceeded to travel in circles close to Marco Polo Airport for half an hour before getting on the correct road once again.

Eventually we reached Jésolo Pineta and booked ourselves in to the Villaggio Turistico Adriatico for a few days camping. It was siesta time when we arrived so we could not ride the Guzzi onto the site, but Ian could push it round if he wanted! The offer was declined and we walked around to the swimming pool ares where there was a bar and sat in the shade with a beer instead.

After siesta time the tent was pitched and othen off to the camp shop where a tube of superglue was bought and then back to the bar and Ian had another beer while gluing the rear light lens back together to the puzzlement of other people.

Guzzisue found the laundry area and washed some clothes, however there was no tumble dryer and over our stay the clothes were put out to dry after the morning rain and put back into the tent before the rain came back in the evening, every day! This was because the rain would go inland, reach the Dolomites and bounce back to us later in the day.

The next day was spent exploring the local area. Jésolo Pineta is a small fishing area where the nets are on rigging and placed into the water and then lifted back out. The catch is then sold in the adjacent market.

Walking the opposite way Ian and Guzziesue spent sometime in an amusement arcade enjoying one of their pastimes – pinball. They also spotted these two vechiles hiding in the corners.

This was a laid back day before the onslaught of Venice the next day.

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