Monday, 18 February 2008

1998 Guzzi Goes Home - Beginnings

When we went away on holiday this year it was very much undecided what we were going to do and where we were going to do it. All that we had planned was to take all the camping equipment and go to a small campsite in Bavaria that Guzzisue had used in the past.

The Saturday morning that we set off on started well enough and we got to Dover for the crossing without a hitch, then it was down and across France on the payage until we reached Verdun for the night. We had intended to use the Formula 1 cheap hotel but this was fully booked so we popped next door to the Prunellia and got the last remaining room.

In France there are several hotel chains that offer affordable accommodiation for the night, Formula 1 being the cheapest. Next to these there is often a Premier Class or Campanile. Another chain is Fast Hotel which I think are a new chain. Many of these chain hotels are often found just off the payage on the edge of industrial parks.

The reason that there were so few rooms was that there was a wedding taking place and it is quite possible that it was one of the guests that tried to kidnap me. It may have been due to the rain that had been falling that they decided to leave a frightened and worried Biker Ted on Ian’s bike seat until the morning.

Sunday carried on where Saturday stopped with lots of showers. These carried on all the way across France and into Germany and down into Fussen, where due to the weather another hotel was used.

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