Saturday, 9 February 2008

January 2008 Force 10 Rally

On the first weekend of 2008 Ian and myself went down to the Force 10 Rally that was run by the Mayflower MCC down at the Green Man, Long Itchington. We went down just for the Saturday night and camped over till Sunday.

There was a competition given out when we first arrived and we only had a couple of hours to fill it in. With Roy’s help we managed to get 17 out of 20, not a bad effort if I say so myself.

Saturday evening consisted of catching up on gossip with several friends that Ian had not seen for a few months and drinking an amount of beer until mords became wuddled.

Sunday morning arrived with a touch of frost so we went for a walk up the village and took a few photos. I wonder if Guzziesue will incorporate the design of this glass window into something in the future?

In 2004 work began to ensure the longevity of the village pond for the future. The water levels were beginning to fall, the banks eroding and silt accumulating to put the future of the pond in doubt, however with funding the pond is now just about back to its former glory.

Back on site there was time for a few more photos including this one of me on a 1946 Harley and Brian's decorated bike and time for a little more nattering to kill time so that the frost had time to disappear before we packed up the bike and headed off home.


Andre said...

nice motor ... how much can it go???

bikerted said...

Hi Andre, I'm not sure which bike you are asking about but Ian's BMW will go a little over 100 miles per hour ( 160 kmph). The other two I'm not sure about but I can tell you that the Harley has had only 2 or 3 owners from new. The present owner obtained it because he told the seller that he was going to do as little work as possible to keep it in roadworthy condition.