Sunday, 3 February 2008

1997 Land Of The Midnight Sun - Gerainger To Bergen

My Troll Friends have been reading my story and are upset that I have not mentioned them, so here is a recent photo of us all at home. And now back to my adventure.

For once we actually get an early start but not without incident. Guzzisue had decided to get up early and take some photos of the waterfall on the campsite, however she decided not to tell us that she had slipped over and hurt her back. Normally this would not have affected matters but today Ian stalled the bike on a steep hairpin bend coming off the campsite. I heard him ask Guzzisue to step off as he was struggling to keep the bike upright. This was the time she mentioned about her accident this morning and I can tell you the air turned a little blue!

Once we manage to get going we stop for several photo shoots and make good time travelling that we decide to head straight for Bergen, arriving at 5:30. We had to pay to get the motorcycle into Bergen, which was a little off putting as we would not be able to catch the ferry if we didn’t pay. Robbery.

We find a hotel near to the ferry terminal with an area round the back where we can park for our stay. Street parking is very limited and speaking to people later many had received parking tickets.

While I stayed in the hotel room watching satallite tv, my friends went in search of a meal and ended up at an expensive restaurant. They chose well as the next day people were queuing to have a meal there.

Having eaten Ian and Guzziesue then watched an Australian street entertainer who amassed a good size crowd for his act which involved using members of the audience to hold a rope tight enough for him to balance on and juggle firesticks.

Tomorrow we will have a good look round Bergen itself.

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Lise said...

Didn't you join the Japanese Bike show?? I was looking for you at the photos......Hope you don't mind that I post the address for your blog to my international postcard-swap-group. I'm the only Scandinavian person in the group, and I think some of the ladies would love to read about your adventures in Norway!!