Tuesday, 5 February 2008

1997 Land Of The Midnight Sun - Homeward Bound

We boarded the ferry after breakfast and once again I was left to look after the motorcycle. Ian and Guzziesue put their leathers into the cabin and found a seat to pass the time away.

At Stravanger the ferry docked and several more bikers came on board on their way over to the Isle of Man for the Manx Trophy. Two members of the National Chop Club also came on board having left their rally early. It came out in conversation that one of the Chop Club’s relations used to do some parascending at the Stonehenge Festival in the 1980s, And Ian had actually been one of his customers. A small world indeed!

Next day we arrived back at Newcastle as the summer heatwave died and it was raining. My friends were thinking of going onto the Captain Cook motorcycle rally that was being held near Whitby, but due to the weather decided to go straight home.

In advertisments for cruises the last day at sea is classed as a day of reflection, so our reflection of our first trip abroad is as follows:

  • The tank bag that we borrowed needed to be replaced so a Baglux harness and tankbag were bought – expensive but still being used.
  • A4 zip bags for inside panniers keep all documents together and waterproof.
  • For overnight ferry crossings put a change of clothes into the tankbag along with a washbag. All other luggage can then be left on the bike as nobody is permitted onto the car deck once at sea.
  • Gloves left with the bike can be used to protect paintwork when bike is secured with straps.
  • When on the road make sure waterproofs are easily accessible.
  • Camping hutts readily available at end of August when we went as it was the end of the summer season. Sleeping bags required.
  • Most hutts equiped with all pots and pans but best to be prepared, we took small camping stove with pans.
  • Some hutts can sleep up to six people so this can make good cheap overnight accommodation.
  • Remember to drink lots of water if weather is hot and don’t do an Ian.
  • Stick to speed limits unless rich. As our adventure drew to an end there was a Japanese motorcyclist doing a world trip on his. He was last seen being taken away by the British customs department. I hope it didn't end there for him.

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