Wednesday, 16 January 2008

1997 Land Of The Midnight Sun - Beyond Hell

We awake on Tuesday morning and watch a red squirrel playing amonst the trees while we have our breakfast.

Onwards we travel to the north going round the outskirts of Trondheim, where it was 24°C! There was a charge for vechiles to get into Trondheim – an early congestion levy I assume, but it did not affect us on the Guzzi.

We are all in the position now that if we are told to go to Hell we can honestly say we have been there and back! Hell is a small town just a few kilometers north of Trondheim. The photo is taken coming back south with us approaching the mouth of Hell Tunnel. I have been told that there is a whisky distillery in Hell but I cannot confirm this, likewise I have heard that at the railway station you can get your passport stamped. Both of these Ian was told about on our return home.

Today we rode through the first rain of our holiday which was refreshing and cooled down my fur.

As we passed into the Nordland Region I thought we were on the East Coast of England as there is a large arch that would not look out of place at Skegness.

We stayed at a campsite in the middle of nowhere in another hutte. This one had a separate bedroom and a television in the lounge area. The evening was spent watching an American documentry with Norwegian subtitles. Weird.

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