Saturday, 19 January 2008

1997 Land Of The Midnight Sun - To The Artic Circle & Beyond

We knew that we were getting close to the Artic Circle as we started to see more traffic. There were many German motorcyclists and several times today we met up with a coach full of Japanese tourists who every time we met insisted on holding their hands outstretched and twisting their right hands.

Towards the Artic Circle it is easy to spot the speed traps as the policemen with radar guns sit by the roadside, and just because we had gone past one did not mean there was not another half a mile up the road! If you are heading that way you have been warned! I counted five police with radar guns in the last 10-15 miles.

The Artic Circle is the furthest point south where the sun can be seen at midnight. The Norwegians have built a very good visitor center on the N6, which is the way we headed north. The necessary postcards were bought and filled in at a later date before being posted here on the way back south, where they had a special post mark put on.

Having had a warm up and a bite to eat we had a little walkabout around the area. In the distance we could see that a train had stopped, probably for passengers to get out and take their Artic Circle photos. Around the area there are wooden markers as in Guzziesue’s photo that indicate the furthest reaches of the Midnight Sun.

Back onto the bike to stop my friends from being eaten alive by all the flies, (fur 1, flesh 0. Hee hee), I spot a turn off for Saltstraumen, which we take. This road soon turns into a dirt track, so not wanting to off road the bike with two passengers and all the luggage for maybe 45 miles Ian turns around and carries on the main road.

We eventually come across a turning for Bodo on a tarmac road which we take and then turn left for Saltstraumen. When we arrive we get a spacious but basic cabin and relax after one day at sea and four days on the road. Somehow Ian feels like this is an anticlimax. It could be that all the riding has taken a bit out of him. It has been very hot and he has not been taking enough fluid. It cooled down a lot that night and it felt as though it could snow.

Lets see what tomorrow brings.

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