Sunday, 27 January 2008

1997 Land Of The Midnight Sun - Wot - No Trolls

Guzziesue woke early this morning to go and take some photos of the mountains before packing. Once again we departed late but this time it was because we got into conversation with the Maori and her husband. We were warned by the bicycle woman that we had to vacate the hutt by 10 o’clock or pay for another day.

Finally leaving after 11 o’clock we headed for the Trollstiggen. Ian was told about this road by a couple of Norwegian bikers that happened to be in a local bike shop in Nottingham!

The start of the climb did not appear too difficult and about half way up by a waterfall there was a place where Ian could pull over so that Guzziesue could take some photos. It was here when I saw Ian look down and say “Oh F-f**k”, he then looked up and said the same thing. Me thinks he was a little taken aback by the size of the mountain we were riding up but there was no problem as he got us to the summit safely.

At the top there was the inevitable souvenir shop where Ian managed to persuade the girl in the kiosk to let him have a small booklet that told the story of the trolls. He passed this on to his sister back home.

After a little rest it was time to press forward and after a small ferry ride it was onto Gerainger. Gerainger is the place where often in English magazines advertising Norwegian cruises there is someone standing on a ledge overlooking the fiord. We book into the campsite for two nights and then head into town to get some food.

In the town we are surprised to meet up with one of the bikers from the previous day. He is down there on his bike and his wife is in their car…..somewhere. They appear to have lost each other!

Back on the campsite Guzziesue washes our clothes and we decide to go on the fiord cruise tomorrow.

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