Monday, 21 January 2008

1997 Land Of The Midnight Sun - Heading South

The land between Saltstrum And Trondheim is very repetitive. Sometimes the railway will be on the left, then the right. Same with trees. It just got very tedious.

On Friday we all overslept having spent more time than we expected at the waterfront the previous evening. These days with so much sunlight sure can play tricks on bears and humans!

As we rode back down south we stopped at a Sami souvenir shop and Guzzisue took a photo of a reindeer. Ian was confused to start with as he could only see this one made out of metal reinforcing bars. This is the person who is doing the driving. HELP!

Once again we stopped off at the Artic Circle Visitor Centre for light refreshment and also to post our cards. We then carried on down the E6 to Mosjøen where we stayed for the evening. The two most memorable things about this place is that all the shops were closing by 5 o’clock and the stench from the aluminium works when they started smelting.

The campsite did a good continental style buffet breakfast next morning with us all having our fill. On the road again we travelled back through Hell, onto Trondheim and stopped just north of Oppdal for the evening.

We stayed in a Troll House style camping hut which was very small and very hot due to having grass growing on the roof for winter. Having decided to walk down into Oppdal for something to eat we were told that it was only 2 – 3 kilometres down the road. Some peoples distances can seen a little wayward sometimes and this was no exception as it was at least double that! It did at least give us some exercise.

At 8 o’ clock the temperature was 20°C and the tv weather forecast said it was going to be warm again tomorrow.


Guzzisue said...

I remember the little troll hut, when Ian sat up on the top bunk bed he hit his head. It was very compact but sort of cute with it's grass roof

bikerted said...

Thanks for that Guzziesue. All these years I did not want to say anything as I thought it was the troll trying to return to their house for the night!