Tuesday, 29 January 2008

1997 Land Of The Midnight Sun - I See No Ships

Tuesday 19th August and it’s Ian’s Birthday. He was so tired that he did not see the card that Guzzisue had brought him!

After breakfast I stayed on the campsite chillin’ out while my friends went down into Gerainger. Two cruise ships came into the fiord, the Albatross and the Columbus and their passengers disembarked via little shuttle boats.

My friends decided not to go on the pleasure cruise up the fiord but took the car ferry to Hellesylt instead. On board the ferry they played a tape in English describing the history of the area along with points of interest. At Hellesylt my friends walked to a nearby waterfall to take some photos and then bought some ice cream before getting back on the ferry for the return journey. The same commentary tape played so no one was quite sure if it was correct for the outward or return journey!

Back in Gerainger another cruise ship appeared. Each of the ships announced their arrival with mortar bombs and they moored up all day with their engines running. The problem with this was that there was no wind at all and the valley filled with diesel fumes. I’m not sure if it was something to do with the cruise ships but we are seeing more Brits on holiday.

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