Saturday, 3 May 2008

2001 An Italian Odyssey - Garda and Entertainment

For our last full day on Lake Garda we caught the ferry back up to Garda town. Here we spent the day window shopping and writing postcards to friends and relatives.

In an ice cream parlour we got talking to a couple of old English ladies who were on a coach holiday and staying in Garda. Many of their fellow travellers had gone on an excursion to the Dolomites but having already been there they were relaxing in their favourite place. I wonder if they enjoyed the parlour because the owners spoke English, had menus in English and promised an evening of English music. We decided not to stay for this.

What do you think to this bike we found outside a shop in Garda? Perhaps it runs on creosote.

While having our evening pizza the storm clouds gathered over the lake. The waiters hurried to bring all the tables and chairs inside before the heavens opened. It was then that the evenings entertainment started when a local artist decided to draw a picture of a German family’s son. He kept on telling the boy to look at a glass bottle on the table as he drew the boy’s portrait. While doing the picture he kept on adding different animal features and showing these to the unsuspecting boy’s parents and younger brother. This kept on for over an hour as the artist was bought drinks and given cigarettes. When the portrait was finished the Germans tried to pay for the picture but the artist would have none of this even threatening to rip up the finished piece of work.

This was a perfect ending to our stay in Italy for this year. Tomorrow we head for the mountains.

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