Sunday, 27 April 2008

2001 An Italian Odyssey - Water Trip

From the top to the bottom of Lake Garda is over forty miles of near stop-start traffic with the majority of the eastern side built on, making it appear to be one large conurbation. This means that the easiest way to travel is by boat and there are three different types available.

There is a car ferry,

a hydrofoil

and a paddle steamer.

Over the next couple of days we managed to use all three.

Our first boat trip took us down to Sirmione, a small town on a peninsula at the southern end of the lake. Sirmione boasts a castle and an old Roman Villa.

The castle we did not have time to visit as we spent a long time walking round the villa’s ruins. Guzzisue was busy with her camera taking shots of the villa and some of the original floors. There was also a museum with a lot of artifacts in glass cases. Ian got reprimanded for touching the glass cases! Well they were alarmed and he didn’t want to be shot so he decided to be more careful. The visit was marred as there was no detailed tourist guide to help us get more enjoyment, this may be different now but I’m unable to comment as we have not ventured back yet.

After our visit to the villa we spent a little time getting some souvenirs to take home for family and friends before catching the ferry up to Garda for a short while before finally arriving back at Lazise.

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