Thursday, 22 May 2008

2001 An Italian Odyssey - On This Historic Day

Tuesday September 11th. There was no reason why this should not be the same as any other. In the morning we wandered round Reutte looking in the shops and taking photographs of the brightly painted buildings.

Around lunch time Ian and myself headed back to the hotel for a little siesta while Guzzisue went to look round the local museum.

When certain world events happen people can always remember what they were doing at that time. For example, be it the assassination of Kennedy, the moon landing, the murder of John Lennon. All events that in some way have helped to shape our history.

Tuesday September 11th. When Guzzisue returned to the hotel she saw both Ian and myself transfixed to the tv screen watching the collapse of the Twin Towers. All three of us just sat on the edge of the bed for most of the afternoon watching the events unfold.

The world seems such a small place when you can be 800 miles from home watching events unfold in New York, which in turn is only a few hours away by air.

All these years on this is still a subject that is close to many peoples’ hearts and anything I try and write cannot compete with what has already been written. My thoughts are still there.

9/11, I was in Reutte, in a hotel room, watching CNN.

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bikerted said...

I decided to leave this years adventure here as anything added would detract from the horror of this day. The end of the trip was similar to what I have put on previous posts, so therefore Iwould only be repeating myself.
I will start on my 2003 adventure shortly after I have persuaded Guzzisue to scan some photos for me. In the meantime….