Tuesday, 13 May 2008

2001 An Italian Odyssey - In Which Guzzisue Gets Icicled

I’m not sure if the Guzzi was trying to tell us something this morning as she was refusing to start. Well it was quite cold but a change of plugs soon got us on the road.

For a change we rode up the Timmelsjoch and as we climbed it got cooler. Going through the tunnels Ian was being cautious of the water on the road, until we heard Guzzisue say ouch. Ian hadn’t done anything but Guzzisue told him to look up, she had just been icicled! On the tunnel roofs there were lots of icicles forming,some being two feet in length and one had broken off and hit Guzzisue, this also meant that the water was in fact ice on the tunnel floors. More caution was needed. No surprise here but we hit snow again on the pass.

Having paid the toll and collected the sticker it was into the café for a hot chocolate and warm up, well after Ian had worked out how to open the door.

Reutte is a town in Austria that we had passed through each time on our way to Italy, so we decided to stay here for a couple of nights and at about £20 each per night was pretty good value.

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Sarahs Home said...

Ouch!!! Looks beautiful though.

Sarah x