Sunday, 25 May 2008

Biker Ted - Mechanic

Ian on many occasions cannot be rushed into decisions, as I have learned. For 10 years I have heard him going on about needing to replace the silencers on his Suzuki. Last year when he was riding towards a landmark for the Round Britain Rally one fell off, resulting in a very battered silencer. For some reason this spurred him into action and he got in touch with Roy at OS Stainless
in Hixon. The old pair were taken in and two weeks later Roy had made a new pair for £300 and a 10 year guarantee. As the old silencers had lasted for 20 years, these could well outlive the Suzuki.
Incidentally these are the silencers that can be found on Guzzisue's blog photographed on the living room floor!
One day I helped Ian fit them to the bike so that we could go and do a few landmarks for this years challenge. All went well with the fixing but we had a minor problem when the floats in the carbs stuck and flooded the engine with petrol. With a new oil filter and oil, with a tap on the float bowls saw the engine roar into life.

We both think that they look great and are very close to looking original.
When Ian went for a test ride I decided to relax and had a ride in my friend's outfit.

Ian has since taken the Suzuki to show Roy, who took some photos himself and the bike will appear on his website sometime in the future.

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