Sunday, 6 April 2008

Castle Donnington, 8th International Classic Japanese Bike Show

The first weekend of Febuary saw Ian, Guzzisue and myself heading to Castle Donnington for the 8th International Classic Japanese Bike Show. We tend to go to this show every few years when Ian decides that he needs to buy new binders for his Tansha magazines, the bi monthly publication from the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club, or if he gets the urge to go auto jumbling for bits for his 1982 Suzuki GSX400.

Ian had success on both counts with this visit as he purchased two binders and he found a top end gasket set for £10. Bargin.

We spent some time looking at the fine restored machinery and I even tried a small Honda ATV for size but I think I’ll have to stick with my cruiser (see Wind In My Fur for pictures).

Details for the 2009 show are here.

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