Sunday, 20 April 2008

2001 An Italian Odyssey - Gardaland

Today after breakfast we travelled by the local bus service to Gardaland, the largest theme park in Italy. When it is considered that Alton Towers is possibly the best park in England then all I can say is get over to Europe and see what is on offer! Gardaland, although tacky in areas with a few older looking rides wins hands down. We managed to stay most of the day in the park with food and drinks being reasonably priced. Due to the heat in Italy there are several water mist areas to walk through to cool off. The queuing time for the rides was about 40 minutes. This may have been down to the fact that the schools had started back. Many of the queues being in the shade with areas selling ice cream if the queue was longer.

On waiting to return to Laize the bus appeared about half an hour late, but we have been there before.

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