Sunday, 1 February 2009

Diary Dates

With Xmas now a distant memory it is time to start planning this years activities, so here are a few ideas for 2009.

The 9th Japanese Bike Show at Castle Donnington is on next weekend, 7th & 8th February. Details here. I really enjoyed myself at last years event and Ian was pleased to pick up a gasket set for the Suzuki at a knock down price. A link to the 2008 event is here. We are hoping to be there sometime on Saturday so look out for us.

The sandracing continues over at Mablethorpe with four meetings remaining for this season. We hope to get over again sometime but a lot is dependant on Guzzisue's broken arm. She is off to the hospital this week for a check up, but has at least another four weeks with the metal support. Here is a link to the remaining meetings. Remember to wrap up warm if you venture out here and something to sit on is a good idea as well.

April sees the start of the Round Britain Rally an event that Ian and myself have done for the last three years. In this the entrant is given a list of landmarks, with at least one in every county on mainland UK. The entrant then has to take a photo of their motorcycle at the landmark to gain points. It is not necessary to do all of the landmarks, just as many as you are able. The points value for each landmark varies, so for example one in the Highlands will be worth more than one in Nottinghamshire. Here are a few examples from previous years.
The Tibetan Centre at Eskdalemuir.

Footplate sculpture at Flint railway station.

Welsh harp sculpture at Llangollen and

Victorian drinking fountain and trough, Norton. This landmark was a little elusive for a few entrants in 2008.

Easter's highlight is the Red Marley Hill Climb. We have attended the hill climb twice, see last years report here, so this time we are going on Easter Sunday to see the trials meeting.

One event that neither Ian, Guzzisue or myself have been to yet is the Thundersprint, held at Northwich. This year the event takes place over the weekend of May 9th and 10th. Here's hoping we can get there this year, if so I will give a bear's eye report.

The East Coast Challenge carries on, with the 2009 event starting on March 1st. Ian and myself managed to combine this with the Round Britain Rally landmarks for Norfolk and Suffolk last year. A rather sedate challenge by itself with a 200 mile trip to visit 5 given towns, ending back at your start point no less than 7 hours later but within 24 hours.

Nottingham often gets into the news for all the wrong reasons, one of the problems for a vibrant multi cultural city, but two events that we will be supporting are the Nottingham Light Night on February 12th and 13th. Last year for this event there was music in several places around town, the Nottingham Eye in the Market Square and several buildings lit up for the evening.
Here are some of my photos taken last year.
The Nottingham Eye with in Council House in the background.

The Nottingham Lion overseeing the activities in the Market Square.

A lady making her way down to the centre from the Angel Row area.

These pyramids are on Long Row.

Fire jugglers entertained on the Council House steps

while a samba band played on a stage in the Market Square.

The Dukes Box were playing requests in St Peter's Square.

Walking up Bridlesmith Walk towards the Galleries Of Justice, an old court building and now an award winning museum.

Finally over the Spring Bank Holiday in May there is the Nottingham City Pulse, a three day music extravaganza. Last year there was music from The Blockheads and The Beat as two groups from Ian's golden era, among with many others. Below are some clips I managed to record over the weekend. Listen and hopefully enjoy. The recording quality varies a little as it was a very windy weekend.

Kick 'N' Rush, a local skiffle band

Bombay Bajas an internationally known group of musicians.

Railroad Bill, who are undergoing a name change. Their website does not have much information at present.

The Real Macaws. A talented group from Yorkshire.

The Bikini Beach Band play well known tunes in a surf style. Great fun and look out for the dancers in grass skirts.

The Blockheads. I don't think any introduction is necessary here!

So these are a few of our plans for 2009. I hope some of these are useful to you. If there is any activity in your city go out and support it. these events are put on for your enjoyment.


Affer said...

Well THERE'S a gauntlet thrown down! I do like the sound of the Round Britain Rally - I was too busy 'doing foreign' last year but this year.....

Re Ian Dury, I was planning to see the West End Show ('Hit Me etc') whilst in London last week, but failed to do so. I think The Blockheads keep up his anarchic traditions very well!!

RidesNRoads said...

Very nice write up. I just happen to find your blog. Excellent photos and videos, liked Bombay Bajas video and Photos from Japanese bike show.