Monday, 16 February 2009

Nottingham Light Night 2009

We missed the opening night of this year's Nottingham Light Night on Thursday 12th February as the weather was not too great. As it happens (going into Jimmy Saville mode), Thursday was only the opening of the Nottingham Eye so I don't think we missed out on anything of great importance.
Friday we headed into town by bus and walked up the Hockley area where there were light patterns being projected onto the buildings.
On the pavement there was a large mat that was sensitive to weight thus changing patterns when children walked across it.
From here we walked to the Lace Market where a group was entertaining a small crowd with their songs. More of the shops and businesses got involved in the evening this time and the following display caught Ian, Guzzisue and my eyes.
Walking down to the Old Market Square we could see the Nottingham Eye, which had been repainted since its last visit, and music coming from the covered stage area. We decided to give this a miss and went round the corner of the Council House onto Long Row where there was a robot chasing after children and shooting them with a water spray.
Near to the robot there were some small lighted pyramids. Scattered around the city centre were other illuminated shapes in keeping with the theme. The photo below shows the pyramids on Long Row with the Eye in the background.
In the newly revamped Trinity Square a 1970's disco had been set up complete with lighted floor, a la Saturday Night Fever. Luckily there was no John Travolta doing his thing. Ian never did understand why that film was so popular.
From here we had a five minute trek across town to the castle where on the castle walls there were images being projected with backing music. In the castle grounds a hot air balloon was being primed and looked very colourful. Unfortunately, as for most of the evening I did not have much joy with my photography. One photo that did work was this tree in the castle grounds, looking quite eerie.
Down the hill from the castle is the world famous Trip To Jerusalem where in the courtyard several Morris groups were going through their routines, including the Dolphin Morris with Ian and Guzzisue's friend Mike trying keep the troop organised. I tried to lead them in a dance but alas they were too far away to see me.
There were so many events taking place all over the city centre that it was impossible to see everything. The Gallories Of Justice were open for the evening competing with ghost walks around the centre, special offers from restaurants, and a plethora of street entertainers.
To conclude I will leave the last word to this gentleman and his stance says it all about the 2nd Nottingham Light Night!


Guzzisue said...

and a great night was had by all :-)

Sally Holmes said...

Great photos biker ted! I never had you down for a morris man...

Affer said...

Excellent descriptions and photos of what is obviously a great event. I like watching the Morris, but find Rapper Dancing even more fun. It's a Northern-based dance, and uses thin steel swords to 'link' everyone together - if you see it 'on' anywhere, do go and watch.

Guzzisue said...

we just missed the rapper dancers, an all girl group called whip the cat. they have more energy than me :-)

Affer said...

I googled Whip the Cat....they seem like a proper fun bunch! Bet their show is brilliant.

bikerted said...

Guzzisue: indeed it was!

Sally: You know me, a bear of many talents but master of none :)

Affer: Here's a couple of links you may enjoy.

This is for the Gate To Southwell Folk Festival taking place around the revived Gate To Southwell ancient tradition that was revived in 1981, which is believed to date back to 1109! A brief history can be found at the address below

Baron's Life said...

Wow...what a post biker Ted...the details are superb. I can almost see the event just by reading.
Love the F.......Robot