Monday, 23 February 2009

It's Competition Time

I have been helping Ian take care of Guzzisue for several weeks now. You may be interested to know that she is on the mend following her accident in December, Jayne Torvill she will never be! Because of this my first anniversary of blogging past me by, so now is the time to make amends.

My first post was back on January 12th 2008, and I have been surprised at the number of visits, just under 3,000. I thank you all for stopping by and leaving the occasional comment.

In this time I have done 90 posts and it was my intention to give fellow travellers ideas of places to visit throughout Europe. I am working on the next adventure right now and the first post will follow soon. Stay tuned as they say.

While Ian was at work I raided his magazine stack and have put some of these to one side for a simple competition. Also included is the Dunlop hat, hip flask, bike stand support and badge. The badge is from the Border Patrol Rally, organised by three Cornish bike clubs in aid of the Devon and Cornwall Air Ambulance. A report by Guzzisue can be seen here.

Now what is this competition I here you ask. All I want to know is:

What is the mileage on Ian's Moto Guzzi? The Guzzi is of 1994 origin and has done above average mileage for the year (based on 1,500 miles per year).

So if you are interested in what's in the photo with me just drop your guess in the comments page. Closest will win the goodies. I will post to anywhere out side the UK, so everyone has an equal chance of winning.

The competition will stay open until midnight March 8th 2009, UK time, or if someone gets the correct total the competition will close earlier. The winner will be named in the week following the closing date.

Good luck everyone.


Guzzisue said...

I guess 25710..........

bikerted said...

Just which bike was you looking at? And your guess is way out and anyway you cannot win!

Affer said...

To anyone else who reads this great Blog: PLEASE don't let me be the only who posts a guess!

Baron's Life said...

My guess is 49241
Love the Guzzi stuff and congratulations on your blog's anniversary. Job well done

Affer said... goes: 79,317.

Point nine (in case there's a tie!).

Lynn said...

OK, ummm, we're doin' some figuring, and thinking you don't bike in bad weather....sooooo, ummmmmmmm, 70,473?!

Phil, Ted, and Spauld
from The Teddy Bear Journal

Vicky said...

Hi biker ted. My wild guess is 81273. My father-in-law is the motorcycle fan so he'd probably be able to come up with a much more sensible guess but he doesn't know how to turn his computer on!

Claire said...

This is like a guess the number of beans in a jar competition isn't it? I reckon 3476 - just cos if nothing else they're easy to type. Must be hard to type with paws, and not having opposable thumbs, so top marks for the blog!