Thursday, 2 October 2008

2003 Scandanavian Circle -

We were in no hurry today as all we had to do was get to the port this afternoon, so clothes were tumble dried and our cabin was vacated at 11.30. With Ian's wonderful sense of direction he managed to take a wrong turn. This was not too much of a problem as he picked up the motorway and then followed the signs for the port.
Our ferry arrived late and having boarded, found our cabin it was time to say farewell to Oslo.
The ferry was a large one with two duty free shops, two cinemas plus a bar casino. We must have been fortunate to get on board with the crossing being fully booked shortly after getting our tickets. Guzzisue retired early and Ian and myself were not long behind.
At 05.30 we were woken by an announcement breakfast will be served at 06.00 at which time the duty free shop will once again be open. As sleep once again takes over the peace is shattered once again by the voice on the tannoy reminding us that the duty free shop will open in 15 minutes. Eventually we got up at 06.45, got dressed, mounted the Guzzi and thought about going the scenic route to Billund and Legoland, However the weather was against us so we decided to take the motorway.
Arriving at Legoland we tried to book a cabin for two nights but there were none available but we could have a hotel room for a mere 695KR per night plus extra for bed linen and towels! This would be a cost of £150 for both nights and there was not even a tv in the room. With very little deliberation we decide to give the hotel a miss and find a local tourist information centre who suggest a campsite at Riis and they have a small cabin for 300KR per night. It is situated only 15 miles from Legoloand so tomorrow we will travel there on the Guzzi.
Following the directions we were given we arrived at the campsite expecting it to be a small concern, is actually a 3 star site complete with swimming pool, shop and bar. The hut is quite small but could sleep a family of four if the children were young.
Next day we wake up to the sound of rain with an increasing wind. By 10.00 we decide to get on the bike and head for Legoland. Tickets were purchased on the campsite at a cost of 170Kr each to save queuing when we arrive. Reaching our destination we ride round and round the car parks eventually deciding on the one nearest the entrance, at a cost of 25JR to you sir!
The models inside are really amazing. The first one we saw was an airport scene with planes taxing around and even luggage being loaded onto waiting craft.
When we passed the model of Bergen we joked about the Italian Restaurant we had eaten in, up a back street away from the fish market. Sure enough the restaurant was there in the model-full marks for detail.

Many of the models were of Scandinavian cities but there was one of the Statue of Liberty,
and Neuschwanstein.
As Legoland is a theme park there were some rides for the older visitor, generally they are aimed at younger children. There was also a 4D Movie which was a 12 minute cartoon in 3D with special effects making it into 4D, for example large fans being turned on for the wind in your face experience and foam bubbles in the cinema to represent snow.
We depart Legoland at about 17.00 to avoid the leaving rush when the park closes, call in at a supermarket and then get lost trying to find the campsite. The quiet campsite of yesterday has now become a lively one with weekenders arriving and young children running all over the place.
Next day once again we wake to the sound of wind and rain, so we decided to go back to sleep for a while. When we finally decided to get up the rain stopped and Guzzisue packed the panniers while Ian and myself studied the map for a scenic route to Esbjerg.
Departing at 11.00 it is raining once again but we start on the planned route until several cars flash their headlights at us. The Guzzi has an electrical problem. We have no headlight, no tacho and after a short while no lights at all. Due to this we opt for the easy way to the port so that Ian can investigate the problem, hopefully under shelter.
The problem is nothing more than a blown fuse and this is sorted as Guzzisue wanders off in search of food.
Our ferry is already in port and being loaded with freight. We are able to check in at 16.00 and board an hour later. Due to the windy conditions on the way across we took sea-sick pills for the first time and it was just as well because it was a rough crossing. Small children were screaming for their parents to make it stop, there were many green faces with several being sick. By 22.00 there were only a handful of people in the bar. Guzzisue sat and read her novel while Ian and myself watched the waves break over the bar windows, which is on the 7th deck! until we retired for the evening.
Next morning all is quiet, the storm has subsided and we get an early breakfast. As England comes into view the tv screens come into life with Jackie Chan's movie, Tuxedo. As to why this was not played last night to help keep peoples' minds off the storm I don't know.
Arriving back in the UK, our adventure comes to an end as others are starting.

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