Tuesday, 21 October 2008

2003 Scandanavian Circle - Postscript

I received an email From my friend Lise in Oslo the other day, having read my review on the Vigeland Park, she sent me this newspaper clip of the Monolith as it was in 1926 at the quarry!
Below is the clip and a few words from Lise.

Please find enclosed a photo of what the monolit in the Vigeland Park looked like in 1926. One of my grandfathers is mentioned in the article, one of his brother-in-laws (he was British) was in charge of the men working with the stone. That’s probably why these people on the photo were invited for a Sunday trip to have a look at the stone before it was transported to Oslo, by boat!

Thank you very much for this insite. I bet you are very proud to have relatives that helped with this wonderful project Lise!

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