Friday, 6 June 2008

george formby / tt raceses

George Formby at his best! This film has it all, a young unknown rider with a substandard motor bike journeys to the Isle of Man, gets ducked in the Irish Sea, loses his wallet and befriends the lovely Florence Desmond. Together they share many experiences culminating in the dramatic race itself, by this time George is mounted on a Rainbow motor-cycle. George of course triumphs in the end, not only winning the race but also winning an agency from Rainbow, and winning the heart of Florence Desmond as well.
Probably the most popular of all the films - it must certainly be in anybody's top three. This was the first film George made after his move into the 'big time' with Associated Talking Pictures. The film is still shown in the Isle of Man during the T.T. race week and always pulls a good audience when shown at the Society conventions. - Who could ask for more? Peter Pollard

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