Thursday, 19 June 2008

2003 Scandanavian Circle - The Nimbus Den

After a slow start to the day Ian eventually managed to get himself motivated and we were able to get to the railway station and purchased 24 hour tickets. The tickets were for a full 24 hours from when bought so that if one was obtained at 10 o’clock on Monday it would be valid until 10 o’clock on Tuesday, unlike at home where a day ticket is only valid until midnight!

Our first stop was to Nordhaven, which is just to the north of Copenhagen, as this was one of the reasons for coming here. Back in 1997 when we were in Andalsnes, Norway we sighted our first Nimbus and fell in love with them. In Nordhaven there is a wonderful little company, JC Nimbus, that deal in all things Nimbus related. Guzzisue had been in contact with the shop and had obtained directions on how to get there, so when we arrived we were made more than welcome. Ian was in his element and our visit lasted about an hour as we were shown round the workshops and restoration projects in hand. T shirts were bought and Ian was also given a key fob that he still treasures today.

Here is another link to a Nimbus site that you may find of interest.

To finish this post here are a few photos of Ian on one of these great little machines. All he has to do now is win the lottery!

It is a very rare occasion to see a Nimbus for sale as they often stay with the same owner for many years. To borrow a phrase, a Nimbus is not just for Christmas! What do you think about these motorcycles?

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