Sunday, 1 June 2008

East Coast Challenge & Round Britain Rally

Yesterday I went out with Ian to do the landmarks around the Eastern part of England, concentrating on Norfolk, which had 3LMs to find and Suffolk, where there was another 2.

While travelling between the two counties we also did the East Coast Challenge in which we had to travel to 5 named towns,these are Sheringham, Stalham, Southwold, Stowmarket and Swaffham. These could be visited in any order but you have to return to your starting town in more than 7 hours but less than 24. Proof that these places have been visited is required so we got till receipts for our start and finish and took photos of the bike by signs stating where we were.

In total we had to visit 10 different places and one twice. This made for a long but enjoyable day out as Guzzisue wanted the boys out of her way!

We departed at 08:30am and arrived home at 09:15pm having covered 441 miles on a 25 year old motorcycle with nearly 90,000 miles on the clock!

I cannot give details about the RBR until after the event has closed for this year. When that happens I will post some of the better photographs.


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

WOW! Bikerted! Hello! I'm Bob! I waz born in China too! AN sent away to Bear Spy Collidge. Wen I gradewatid, I waz adoptid by my Mummy heer in Ingland.

WOW! I wish I cud hav a go on a big bike like yu do! I do like yor leather hat! Gosh yu look cool!


I fownd yu throo Guzziesue's site. I'm glad I did!


Do yu like pants? I like to frolick in a good pile ov them.

Wat do yu like to eet best? I like choklit peanuts!

Nose hugs!



BumbleVee said...

The bike may be older....but it is in lovely looking shape.... what fun a trip around like that must be...