Thursday, 3 September 2009

New Awards For Biker Ted

This is a very belated thank you to a couple of my blog friends who have bestowed awards on me.
First to Sally over at Crafty Salutations who has the added bonus (?) of knowing both Ian and Guzzisue for many years, poor thing, and secondly to Baron, with his blog, Baron's Life.
Every time a comment is placed on any post it can help to kick start memories that may otherwise be lost in the depths of the mind. I will take this opportunity to thank everyone who has posted their comments and ideas in the past and hopefully in the future.
Before this turns into an Oscar speech, whereupon I start to thank my parents, photographers and film crew (Ian and Guzzisue), I will proudly exit stage left.

As they be continued.

1 comment:

Nikos said...

Congratulations - you are one clever bear! Ian and Sue must be truly proud that you have received such magnificent accolades, one indeed coming all the way from Vancouver.

Likewise I would like to award you the Nikos World Order of the Mr Moppit but due to technical difficulties can't at the moment.

Keep it up!