Sunday, 16 August 2009

One Place I've Not Been To........Yet

For as long as I can recall, Ian has been going on about what was still in his father's attic. Having moved out over 20 years ago, his father announced that he was having his lagging replaced and everything had to be removed from its storage space. Various boxes found their way into his old bedroom for a while, then Ian's sister's family were coming up to Nottingham for a few days, so boxes were ousted to Ian's shed and eventually arrived at Ted Towers a few weeks ago.

Several things of interest saw the light of day for the first time in nearly a quarter of a century, including this publication. There has been the usual "what were you doing on the day when...." on local radio and I assume in the press as well.

Forty years ago, a young pre acned Ian was spending the school summer holiday period with his sister in Melton Mowbray with relations. From this period he gained a loathing of luncheon meat and sandwich spread.
During the summer of '69, Bryan Adams seems to have been too involved in starting a band that he overlooked a small piece of history, the moon landing, 20th July 1969. Back then the local press were always a little slow to cash in on such an event, the Nottingham Evening Post being no exception.

In early August for the extortionate price of 6d (two and a half new pence!), a 20 page souvenir paper could be purchased. The photos have been seen many times since the landing and is a good thing they have as now the paper is getting somewhat fragile.
Inside there are articles on the moon landing,

the Lunar Logbook, not quite up to Captain's Log, Star date ... standard but interesting nonetheless.
There is also a small piece on the Lunar module

and the three astronauts.
A smiling President gets in on the act before a watery gate took away some of his glory.

Some of the advertisements had a space theme about them.

The advertisement for Two Three Four Motors shows they certainly did not put all their eggs in one basket, dealing with British, Japanese and Italian transport!
I somehow doubt that the Fresh Fish 'N' Seafood from Mason & Clarke Ltd of Reading would have been caught in the Sea of Tranquility.


Sally H said...

What a wonderful find, Biker Ted. The sketches of the astronauts aren't very compimentary though - chins like Jimmy Hill and ears to keep your lid from slipping!

Baron's Life said...

You should be selling this story to Hollywood...I truly enjoyed it...cheers mate.

Nikos said...

I found my beautifully constructed Revell 1/32 scale Apollo command module + lunar lander in my Dad's loft...I had enjoyed imitating James Burke in our living room...

Affer said...

Check out the price of the TV!!!! Now THERE is something that has really come down in price since those far-off days!

Megan said...

Great stuff, its not very day you stumble across something like that!

bikerted said...

Sally: I know what you mean about the sketches. Having just watched the first episodes of Bewitched, the pictures during the intro are very similar. Must be a sixties thing.

Baron: Think I may have missed the boat on Hollywood, Ron Howard beat me to it :o)

Nikos: Ian used to have an Airfix model of the Lunar Modual. This did not survive as it had a crash landing when he dropped it one day and it fell into many pieces. No survivors were reported.

Affer: Missed your chance here, you could have said that the price is now down to earth and not sky high ;o)
There is another magazine from the 1970's which you may find interesting. I will post this at a later date.

Megan: You may have to look in your parent's attic and see what you can find, if only to embarrass them lol.