Monday, 11 May 2009

2006 The Long NOT Winding Road - More From Prater Park

Here are a few photos to finish our visits to Prater Park.
The first set are of the oldest ride in the park. Sadly it is in need of some repair.

This group of characters look like they have had a mixture of too many rides and too much falling down water.

I'm not sure if this gentleman is being sucked into an abyss or escaping from it. I'll let you decide.

Punch and Judy manage to climb to new heights.

There are different types of horse carousels within the park. The first is a classic design dating from 1895.

The other uses horses to pull carriages. Guzzisue was not too sure of the ethics of this particular ride, however the horses are taken away from the ride at quiet intervals for a little exercise.

This little scene was something we stumbled across. Beauty and the Beast or both talking about their Bad Hair Day. Just out of shot was a film crew, so this could have been a college class at work.
These chair-o-planes are not for this Ted! The thought of loosing my grip and being slung off at a tangent does not "bear" thinking about. Terra firma for me.

Finally two more pictures of the Riesenrad, followed by another short film of Prater Park.


Nikos said...

Thanks for posting this Vienese information - I'm going there next weekend and this has wetted my appetite nicely!

Guten Sachetort to you all!

Baron's Life said...

Absolutely engaging...Thanks ...loved it it all. Keep them coming...the posts that is.