Tuesday, 19 May 2009

2006 The Long NOT Winding Road - The Butterfly Effect

Arriving back in the city centre we trouped off to the tourist information centre, close to the opera house. Inside there were several people waiting to be served so we decided to see what we could find.
Not too far away, 300metres from the opera, we came across the Burggarten (court garden). In the south western part of the garden there is a statue of Mozart and in the north eastern area there is a Jugendstil, glasshouse. Inside the glasshouse there is a Schmetterlinghaus, Butterfly Park. The park state that all their butterflies come from farms in various tropical countries and none are taken from the wild, nor are there any endangered species within the building.
As all three of us were getting cultured out the peace inside the building gave us a period of relaxation away from the city centre. It was amusing to watch people charging round trying to take photographs of the occupants. We just either sat or stood in one place and waited for them to come to us.
Once again thank you Guzzisue for the wonderful photos. The cheque's in the post!


Nikos said...

I'm on my way to Vienna - hope the sun shines!

bikerted said...

I'm sure you will have a good time there Nikos. Here's hoping for some good weather.

Affer said...

Butterflies...they are like flying flowers aren't they? Increasingly rare in our homeland now, to the extent that if one flies past we point it out! Yet I remember as a child that fields were covered by them. (Blimey! That's a bit nostalgic for a Friday!). Lovely photos.

bikerted said...

There are fewer butterflies round our way as well Affer. Have they all been rounded up and sent to prison, these so called butterfly parks? Should we start the BLF (Butterfly Liberation Front)? Go now to your nearest park, smash some windows and let them fly in freedom!

Butterfly Activist Ted

Baron's Life said...

Butterflies, music and photos...Ah what a life....!
ps: she deserves a check for these photos