Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Competition Results

A big thank you to all who entered my little competition, but as is often said, there can only be one winner. One entry was very close to the correct mileage, just over 200 miles adrift. Another entry had to be disqualified - well if I cannot enter her giveaways then there is no way Guzzisue can enter mine!!!

Claire, correct, 3476 is an easy number for me to type, but that would mean we only travel on average 230 miles per annum. Somewhat low I'm afraid.

Affer, Lynn and Vicky all went for higher mileages, Baron went for a slightly lower guess.

The correct mileage shown on the speedo is

It's coming up.


Exciting isn't it.

Without further ado.

Here is the mileage

Making the winner Baron's Life.

Watch out for another giveaway later on. Meanwhile I will carry on with the Long NOT Winding Road trip. Posts may be slow in coming as I'm busy editing some videotape I took on this journey to compliment the writing and photos.

1 comment:

Affer said...

Bravo Baron....my disappointment at losing is tinged with relief that I don't have to give up wearing my favourite Route66 titfer in favour of a Dunlop golf cap.....!!!