Monday, 16 March 2009

2006 The Long NOT Winding Road - Where Are We?

We have settled in our room at the Hotel Zlata Stoupa where we will be staying for the next few nights as we explore the town, Kutna Hora, catch a train to Prague and visit somewhere else that I will post about soon.

Kutna Hora was once a very important place due to some silver mines in the locality, but they were abandoned at the end of the 18th century. The town also suffered from a fire in 1770 and suffered from the effects of the plague on several occasions. A monument is located in the old town centre, made by Frantisek Baugut, erected between 1713-1716. In all, more than 6000 citizens lost their lives in the plague.

In 1995, Kutna Hora was included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites and while we were visiting, work was still in progress.

The majority of cars that we saw were Skodas but still in favour were

Some time back we learnt that there were many things to see, provided that we kept our eyes looking up. Many buildings around the town had a small statue, like the one below, for example, just below the roof.

This deer looks uninteresting

Until you walk away from the building, which is situated on a corner plot.

Here are a few photos of one building, showing the artistic skill and effort going into the renovation of the frontage.

Within the old town many of the roads are still cobbled, giving an air of times past. These make for interesting riding.

Kutna Hora is on the tourist trail with day trips coming in on coaches. This means that by late afternoon the place is almost deserted. The photo below was taken at 17.00 with only one tourist in the frame.

Tomorrow we go to church.


Affer said...

Well, I think I know where you are headed....but staying here for the moment, it looks a lovely looking city, with beautiful restorations. Superb pics as ever - and a surprise to see a Trabby! I would have thought they would all have disappeared!

Baron's Life said...

This my good friend is an excellent post and I'm looking for some more good stuff....from you ...for I do not expect anything less.
Love the Skoda...if you get a chance check the engine under the will find out you have more power in your 2 wheeler...
Cheers, keep well and travel safe...!

Rodders said...

I must get there on my next visit to Prague. I go over there every October & this is a town I always mean to visit, but haven't got round to!

acereta said...

Beautiful town Cutna Hora, I've been there