Monday, 22 December 2008

2004 Within These Walls - No Sleep Til Afternoon

Sometimes we have a day when nothing happens and this was one of those days. We were late getting ourselves motivated, thus getting down to the train station too late for a train to our intended destination as there were no trains between 09:25 and 12:25.
Having failed to catch the train we trouped off to the bank to change some travellers cheques, but the cashier could not do this in their branch so directed us to another bank. The second one however was closed due to industrial action. With no alternative but to use the hole in the wall approach even that took two attempts. Guzzisue and Ian both managed to draw out some euros, so at least they can pay for the hotel.
By now there was not enough time to go anywhere except to an ice cream parlor for a large alcoholic ice cream. It was then back to the hotel with the intention of picking up our books and heading down to the waterfront to read. I'm not sure if the sun got to us or we were just more tired than what we thought but we just fell asleep for some time. At least we got some sleep so that we were refreshed for tomorrows visit now that we knew the train times.
There is very little to say about Peschiera del Garda itself. It is situated on the bottom right hand side of Lake Garda and has a population of nearly 9,000. The old centre is surrounded by bastion walls some 2.3km in length first built in Venetian times, and later strengthened by Napoleon and the Austrians. With having a bus and train station it makes an ideal base for visiting other towns in the region, for example Sirmione. There is also a ferry service to transport you around the lake.

At this moment in time I would just like to send the Seasons Greetings to everyone out in blogland and I look forward to your continuing comments in the New Year.
I received a present from Lise in Norway and given permission to open it on Christmas Eve. I have however restrained myself and will open it tomorrow when Ian and Guzzisue open theirs.

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