Sunday, 30 November 2008

2004 Within These Walls - We Shall Pass

Here I am at 09:20 waiting in place for Ian and Guzzisue to appear. I was a little impatient as the sun was out and I wanted to ride.
They turned up 10 minutes later and we headed for the first pass of the day, the Jaun Pass.

This was then followed by the Grimsel Pass

and after doing some Marmot watching at the top

we headed down the Furker,

onto the Oberal, then onwards to the Lukmanier before ending the day completing the San Bernardino.

The day was spent in glorious sunshine with wonderful scenery. We saw a glacier and several large dams and snow on the mountain tops. Things are a little vague as we just lost ourselves in the joy of riding such great biking roads. If only we could bring them closer to home!
With the evening drawing in we stayed the night at the Hotel Suretta in Splugen.
Having unpacked the Guzzi it was time for a walk around the town. This didn't take too long as it was a very small place. It did however give Guzzisue chance to take a few photographs.


Guzzisue said...

I just love the mountain passes!!!This was my first visit to Switzerland for some years and definatley better weather than last time.

A F-A said...

Sitting at my desk: black and wet night, bikes under tarps in the yard with their batteries slowly flattening....I SO WANT TO BE ON THOSE MOUNTAIN ROADS!!!