Sunday, 16 November 2008

2004 Within These Walls - De De Deeer (Almost)

After the usual excellent buffet breakfast we were on the road by 09:30 and then just another 50 odd miles on the motorway before we headed across country. The town of Langres is a walled town that was holding a patchwork exhibition with a difference, the quilts were that big that they were hung from the town's walls!
As we entered Switzerland we were stopped at the boarder and had to purchase road tax, costing 40 Swiss Francs. If a land-locked country like Switzerland or Austria can charge road tax for foreign transport I cannot understand why this cannot happen at home.
Continuing to travel south we approached Lausanne and turned east along the motorway over looking Lake Geneva heading towards Montreux.

All together now.....De De Deeer, De De De Deer......

Stopping at a service area we got talking to a couple from the Bristol area travelling in a racing green Lotus who were off to a Eurocamp nearby.

Leaving the motorway before Montreux we headed north for 30kms to Bulle and then a short distance to Gruyeres.
Guzzisue was expecting Gruyeres to be a small village, but it turned out to be a medieval walled town on top of a hill. We arrived after the day trippers had all but disappeared and had no problem booking into the Hostellerie des Chevaliers, situated a few yards outside the city walls.
After a quick shower and change it was time to hit the town. Problem was there was very little town to hit after the day trippers had left. There are the usual souvenirs and cheese in the shops, and odd pieces of art scattered around.
How about this for guttering?
Or this for a water hydrant?
And I would have liked to have gone to school in a setting like this
After a brief language problem, with which a lady on the next table to us helped out we dined on a local speciality of boiled hams, potato and cabbage. We were all so hungry that we could have eaten almost anything though!

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