Monday, 7 February 2011

1st Monday Music Movie - Imelda May

Born in Dublin, the youngest of 5 children, Imelda was influenced by her elders music tastes. At 14 she made her professional debut on a Findus Fish Finger commercial singing 'Betcha never put your finger on a crunchier crumb!'

She began singing in clubs at the age of 16 and was occasionally barred from her own shows at Dublin's Bruxelles clud for being underage!

Forming her own band in2006 her popularity began to grow and in 2009 she became the first femail Irish artist to top her home country's chart for 20 years.

Here we see Imelda performing 'Train kept a rollin'' and 'Go tell the devil' at Nottingham's City Pulse in 2010


Baron's Life said...

Thanks for sharing these with us...I like the second song best. Cheers

Affer said...

I'm really sold on this colleen! Great music - and what a character she is! I like the stories about the support she gets from pub and churchgoers in her village!