Monday, 1 November 2010

1st Monday Music Movie -The Grinnigogs

Belatedly inspired by Ten-Inch Wheels occasional series entitled Lazy Blogging, I bring my version of this. The one difference is that the musical interludes will be filmed by yours truly.

Bank Holiday in Nottingham, the rain comes down and we are getting ratty with each other. Doing our, what was to be final lap of the stages, we come across the Grinnigogs. Medieval music with attitude! Despite the weather they had a pretty good crowd and a great sound. Medieval electric rock with a hammer dulcimer, hurdy-gurdy, fiddle and drum. The tune being played is the 8 step trance.

The Grinnigogs were one of many bands playing over the holiday weekend as part of the City Pulse event. The Robin Hood Pageant was drawing to a close at the castle and it was fitting that a medieval music event drew peoples' attention to this.

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