Saturday, 3 April 2010


This is an event that happened to Ian many years ago and I hope will act as a reminder to anyone getting their motorcycle out of hibernation right now.

Upon returning from our first Cornish rally, Ian parked the Guzzi on the drive for half an hour to unpack and get a drink before returning it to his shed at his father's. The drive is so steep that he is thinking of building a small funicular railway to aid assent.

Refreshed he swung a leg over the Guzzi, started the engine, went a few inches....and stalled. Thinking he needed more revs, the Guzzi was restarted, more revs added, forward motion, followed by an almighty thud. This was the result.

It is a good idea to remove the disc lock before trying to set off!

When the weekend was over the follow conversation ensued:

Ian: Have you got a disc for a Calli in stock?

Storeman: Trying to set off with a disc lock on have we sir?

Ian: Yeah. How did you guess?

Storeman: We used to keep only one in stock, we now have to keep five.

Cost of this lapse in concentration? A mere £130 + VAT and postage.

For some reason, Ian now uses a long chain that threads through the rear wheel and the lock sits on the pillion seat.

All this has got me thinking as to what I can do with the above disc. Can it be used like an old horseshoe on the front door at Ted Towers? Your ideas are very much welcomed.


Affer said...

Ouch! You wouldn't believe it unless you saw it - if they shear at 1mph, makes you wonder how they stay in one piece at (say) 80mph! Personally I hate ALL locks on 'bikes, after a happening with an SV650 and a steering lock. The only good thing was the lack of damage to the Suzi - I was trapped underneath it!

Fuzzygalore said...

Holy Smoke! I've seen a few broken fenders as a result of the disc lock begin left on but never the disc itself. Job well done! ;o)

I think it would be a perfect garden ornament.

chessie said...

That's something... I'm with Affer. But then...I have a bike that very few people would bother stealing. I haven't locked my bike since I moved out of the crack neighborhood in Roasamond CA.

I often forget to take the keys, and return to the bike a couple of hours later... sheesh, talk about fear.... dummy.

Glad you're safe.

Highwaylass said...

Ooh...isn't a horseshoe supposed to bring *good* luck, though?

I never use disc-locks, I've seen far too many unscheduled dismounts...

Baron's Life said...

It's kind of weird the disk broke that way...makes me wonder if the disk lock is effective at all? I guess it is to some extent...
Good thing you didn't get hurt

Radu Prisacaru said...
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