Saturday, 19 December 2009

Papplewick Pumping Station - 1940's Weekend

I was a little concerned on our last trip to Papplewick Pumping Station. Soldiers were guarding the main gate and checking the papers of every occupant in every vehicle. We had been issued with identity cards and ration books upon entry ourselves.

Walking up the main cobbled road there was a line of important looking motor cars.

I'm not sure if the ARP warden has been dabbling in the black market to purchase and run his Austin.
By the green 'Monty' was giving a speech to motivate the troops and local people.
Looking around I was relieved to see that the Registration of Boys and Girls Order had no mention of bears.
There was also plenty of warnings around to make us wary of what we were fighting against.
The Home Guard kept a watchful eye on the day's proceedings,
especially as there was such an important visitor in the grounds!
There was enthusiasm by the locals wanting to enlist, having checked out the weaponry.
There was a fine arsenal on display, enough to scare off any invaders?
While a sharp eye was kept on the skies
the same could not be said about on the ground.
Spotting a German motorcycle, I was about to sabotage it when
two Germans came a little too close.
Not to worry. As we were departing, I noticed that the Yanks were on the way.

But it was all just a dream. Wasn't it?


Nikos said...

Tell Ian that his Noel Coward rendition had a certian "je ne sais quoi"!

Happy Christmas and put those lights out.

bikerted said...

Trés bien.

And Seasons Greetings to yourself.

Affer said...

Great photos - and you really caught the atmosphere! What it did for me was take me back to annual manoeuvres of our school CCF. Remarkably, they always invaded the rugby field....