Thursday, 16 April 2009

2006 The Long NOT Winding Road - Goodbye Czech

It's time to start the Guzzi's engine again and to head south. We have enjoyed out time in Kutna Hora and would like to come back sometime to see how the rebuilding of the old town and cathedral is coming on. In Prague we just wandered around with little idea where we were going, so would need to return having done some research, but not at the weekend as it is very popular with stag and hen parties, nothing against these but we like to be away from Brits on our travels most of the time. There are other places in the Czech Republic that we would love to see one day.
Most of the countryside that we have seen in Czech has been quite bland but we did not stray off the main roads at all. There has been fields of sunflowers and maize, small market garden areas each with a small stall selling their produce.
The roads have been interesting, varying from cobbled streets to tarmaced finish. The road we took away from Kutna down to Austria was interesting as there is one carriageway for each direction and being a major trunk road the surface had been pushed to the edge so it looked like waves breaking on a beach.
Leaving Czech behind us we enter No Man's Land between there and Austria. On our right hand side there is an aeroplane that has been converted into what appears to be a cafe. There is also a couple of casinos. I assume this is where Czech gamblers come after work. We had to show our passports at the border before we were permitted into Austria.
Arriving in Vienna Guzzisue did a very good job of navigating us towards our hotel. If only Ian had listened and turned right as directed and not left! He soon rectified his mistake and the hotel was soon reached. The Guzzi is squeaking much more now and Ian fears the rear shocks are slowly dying.
Guzzisue booked the hotel over the Internet, called Suite Hotel 900M Zur Oper. Little did we realize at the time but the hotel is just as it says - 900 metres from the Opera House.
The Guzzi is parked up in the secure hotel garage for an extra 18 euros per day, expensive but the limited street parking is patrolled by traffic wardens who are only too happy to oblige with a ticket. We had paid 246 euros for three nights, 4 star accommodation, which was a good price for just outside the city centre, so were not expecting anything too flash. On opening our room's door we entered. The room had a kitchenette, minibar, large TV and a couple of chairs. No sign of a bed until Guzzisue opened another door, there it was, a large bedroom with another TV! There was a sign indicating the cost of this room - 230 euros per night! Back down to the reception to query things. Yes the amount on the email is correct, we have been upgraded!
Unpacked and on the road to the centre we stop for a drink while trying to get our bearings. Two of the places we want to visit are within an hours walk through the centre itself.
Today has been so hot that Ian is getting irritable so we have to find a barber to shave his beard off. We eventually find one and he is pampered by a young girl who was most unsure as to how much to take off. She kept looking for guidance from her partner who was not much help. Eventually she realised that Ian was not going to complain about too much being left on and he left the barbers with some designer stubble. 14 euros well spent to stop Ian whinging.


Baron's Life said...

Ian must feel better after the trim
the parking fee is outrageous...but guess you have no choice...Did have breakfast at the cafe M.I.R.O...all those Austrian pastries must be succulent.

Affer said...

Do I detect some sadness in leaving the Czech republic? I think there is a moment on a long motorcycle tour when one climbs on the bike with sadness at leaving a particular place. Then, the joy of the open road takes over, and one remembers the other reason for the journey! Looking forward to reading your Vienna's still a city of Anton Karas and Harry Lime for me!

bikerted said...

Baron: Ian getting a trim changed him from being Mr Grumpy to Mr Happy in 20 minutes!
We just love continental style breakfasts with the different meats, cheeses and breads. Sure are better than the trad English fry up served at many small establishments in the UK.

Affer: I think you know me too well! Are we related?
There have been several times when panniers have taken so long to pack and put on the bike. This was certainly one of those occasions. I'm sure you have been there yourself.
It was a long slog to get there but well worth the boredom of the autobahns across Germany, cue Kraftwerk music.
Both Ian and Guzzisue wanted to go to Vienna, having missed going there sometime previously. They had checked the forecast on Italian TV, not good. Things worked out well because at that time there were the fuel shortages at home and all Europe was getting on the bandwaggon. Vienna was at a standstill due to the farmers and it was p*****g down.