Saturday, 10 January 2009

2004 Within These Walls - The 3 Rs, Roads, Rain And Repast

Today is the coolest day of our travels so far. Breakfasted, packed and hotel bill paid we head off towards Bolzano, watching the clouds gather as we head north towards the mountains. By the time we had reached them the rain started and got to become a persistent heavy downpour. It's unnerving to see driving as bad as being back home in these conditions, for example, cars accelerating on slip roads to get to the junction first. On one mountain pass we passed an accident, all involved appeared to be OK. We could hear the emergency sirens and slowed down as three police cars were coming down towards us. As Ian pulled out of the way a little the car behind us decided to overtake and pulled in sharply as the driver spotted the police cars causing Ian to brake hard. He avoided the rear of the car, just.
Due to the weather conditions we headed out of the mountains and started to look for a hotel. We were unsure exactly which country we were in when eventually we found a hotel, Hotel Austria, on the outskirts of Horbfanz, that could put up three weary bedraggled travellers for an evening. I cannot give a link to this hotel as they are not on the Internet however here is a link to the hotel next door showing Hotel Austria on the left of the picture.
The Guzzi unpacked and sheltered in the hotel garage for the night we feel like we are the only guests in the hotel when we go to the restaurant. There is one table set for us which is in a corner away from several others that are laid for six, complete with plates and cutlery. We are given a menu to select our meals from and as our selections arrive on large wooden plates the other tables begin to fill up with a tour party. We could not decide which country they came from but they all showed interest in our meals, whetting their appetites. Then their meals arrived, soup followed by rice with something that we could not see and a gooey type of cake to complete their evening feast. The look of disappointment on several faces said it all so we beat a hasty retreat and went for an evening stroll before turning in for the night.
The answer to our which country are we in came apparent as we saw a road sign depicting the German boarder a little way down the road. What looked like a shop outside the front of the hotel is the old boarder crossing building.
Next morning to save any embarrassment over breakfast foods we were told to go into a different room, the hotel owner's private quarters. Here the owner nattered on with Ian and myself somewhat confused but Guzzisue managed to understand a little.
Breakfast finished, bills paid it was time to bid farewell and onto our next stop, when the Guzzi decides to start, that is.

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Affer said...

We Brits! Always embarrassed when we are treated better than the other party...if you had been Germans, you would have smacked your lips with ever greater gusto! Another great episode!