Tuesday, 29 July 2008

2003 Scandanavian Circle - Gottenburg, Universeum And Beyond

This morning we awoke early to the sound of rain and a much cooler day. Guzzisue did a little washing followed by breakfast. We purchased our train tickets from the local petrol station and were in Gottenburg for 9:10am to find nowhere open! The shops open at 10:00, museums at 11:00, so we just wandered round not sure what to do, taking the occasional photograph like this sculpture of the gun. We have seen a similar one in a film with a scene in New York, so we think they may have been done by the same artist. Any information greatly received thanks.

While walking around we came across the Universeum and after a little deliberation decided to go in. The fact that it started to rain helped in the decision here me thinks.

The Universum is a national science discovery centre for all the family, basically an indoor nature trail with a tropical rainforest and aquatic environments with live animals ranging from birds to reptiles and sharks. The Universum really grabbed our interest and we were in there for over three hours! This would have been longer but we could not understand the Swedish signs in the experimental part. In conclusion a place well worth a visit and it gets my recommendation.

Mid afternoon we enter Liseberg, Scandanavia’s largest amusement park. Inside they have a large wooden roller coaster based on a 1920’s one.

The queue for this ride was 40 minutes and the rain turned to short heavy downpours, so we decided against this ride. We basically just ambled round the park for a few hours before catching the train back to the campsite.


Rick said...

Sounds like an interesting day. Wonder what tomorow will bring.

Squire Neil said...

The Knotted Gun, or Non Violence is by Carl Fredrik Reutersward and is one of many examples round the world.
and search for non violence
Not sure what the film is but it would have been filmed outside the UN building

bikerted said...


Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are enjoying my travels.

Squire Neil

Many thanks for the information on the statue. Ian seems to think the film could be The Interpreter with Jodie Foster.
Will see you and Jan next month in Scotland if all goes to plan.